Meet The Cancer Experts - Gonzalo Sapisochin

My name is Gonzalo Sapisochin I'm a HPB (liver pancreas and biliary) surgical oncologist, which means that ideal with cancer I operate on cancer but mainly liver and biliary cancers.

I was born in Spain…I was born in Madrid and did all my med school in in Madrid. But then I decided to move to Barcelona and did all my general surgery training there and I've had heard about liver and biliary cancer training program fellowship here in, in Toronto which is world known as being one of the best or the best training programs.

So I decided to move here after you know sending a lot of applications I was able to get a position as a fellow.

The best treatment option for these cancers is surgery and unfortunately not all patients can undergo a liver resection because the liver is too sick and interestingly we transplanted a lot of these patients.

So last year and the last five years around 40%- 50% of the liver transplants we perform here at UHN are on patients with liver cancer and their five-year survival is around 70% so it's a very good treatment for liver cancer.

One of the things we're trying to achieve is to create a world unique liver cancer clinic to try and have the patient have the best possible experience and we'll be able to funnel all the you know potential research that this patient can participate and you know be able to do patient education in a very I think centralized way…