Meet The Cancer Experts: Dr. Tracy McGaha


Meet Dr. Tracy McGaha. In his own words:

When I was in grad school I got my caffeine from 20-ounce bottles of Dr. Pepper.

In college, I took an immunology class and I was hooked. So from then on I knew that's what I wanted to do. I like a challenge, and I like puzzle-solving, and biology is the ultimate puzzle. But, in the end, for me there always needed to be greater meaning to what I do. I wanted to help people.

About seven years ago, my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. That really gave it a personal meaning to me. Seeing what he went through and realizing that even though we're sort of taught that medicine has all the answers, and seeing when it doesn't, and when it falls down, it just makes me want to do what I can to help people who are suffering. 

Coming into the hospital every day, you see these people who are going through these challenges, and it just encourages me to try harder, and so that's what drives me.