Meet The Cancer Experts - Dr Thomas Kislinger

As an analytical chemist I've always been interested in in technologies and technology development and quantifying
biomolecules, and that's how I slowly was sliding from chemistry into the biology field and from biology slowly into cancer so I never had this super you know planned out career I just took one step at a time.

Ultimately everything nowadays comes down to personalized treatment. If you can identify a drug target that could be targeted in a specific subset of patients you can potentially treat them better without side effects. If you could identify a biomarker in a liquid biopsy format without invasive procedures that could enable you to detect earlier and treat better and hopefully all these discoveries will lead to better outcomes and better quality of life as well.

It's not all just about outcome it's also what quality of life, so think about in the context of prostate cancer and liquid biopsies. A huge problem in prostate cancer diagnosis and prognosis are needle biopsies. 7% of patients that get needle biopsies taken for either identification of prognostication of prostate cancers develop negative side effects. 

For example, sepsis, so if you could do this in the context of a liquid biopsy you could overcome this and improve the quality of life.