Meet The Cancer Experts: Dr. Runjan Chetty

I work at The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre because it affords me the ability to engage in my specialist interest i.e. GI and Pancreatic cancers because we get a large volume, we get the most complex cases and it allows me to utilize my expertise and learn from it.
There is also a strong research aspect and that's a very pivotal part of my reason for doing pathology and the collaborations I have with clinicians and very talented scientists who are working on these cancers is something that gives me great satisfaction.
Every case I get, I know there's a patient attached to it and I'm impacting on them no matter how banal the diagnosis is to how serious it is still it's that patient who's attached to that piece of tissue who wants to know what they've got and you know putting their minds at ease as  quickly as possible and as accurately at possible is a strong motivating factor.
The drive to identify more genes and to get more targeted therapies obviously is the holy grail and that's what we're all striving for to treat a specific cancer and target the specific gene with minimal side effects is the ultimate goal.