Meet The Cancer Experts: Dr. Robert Kridel

My name is Robert Kridel and I am a clinician scientist at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

We essentially see the results of interventions right away when we treat patients.

There is a lot of excitement whenever we have positive data, Whenever we find novel things in our data, henever we think we have a new way of looking at things.

Especially in the field of Lymphoma, there’s quite a number of patients that we either cure or that actually live quite a long time with the treatments we give them, so that is a very gratifying aspect of what we do.

My father had or has a chronic form of leukemia that is very treatable now, it wasn’t when he was initially diagnosed so I think seeing that nowadays it’s being completed completely differently is actually quite inspiring because it really shows that just a matter of a few decades can make a big difference in how we approach disease.