Meet The Cancer Experts - Dr. Rob Hamilton

Hi, I'm Rob Hamilton and I'm a Urologic Oncologist at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. 

Well I was inspired to go into medicine through the people I met in high school and university, through volunteering experiences and I was just impressed by how single-handedly touched the lives of the patients they cared for.

 And I couldn't help but be drawn to that, and I knew I wanted to do that and it was a very easy choice for me. 

There are few surgeries that are as major as the one we do for Testicular Cancer. Traditionally it hits between 15 and 35, and so that's when these men are just starting their lives.  

New jobs, new relationships, new family with children   and so it comes at a very vulnerable time in their lives.  

The treatment effects can last well into decades later, and so we have to be very careful about how we choose our treatments in these young men, because we know they have ramifications for years and years down the line.

The traditional, and by that I mean six decades worth of Testicular Cancer history traditionally has been a large, mid-line incision,  many hours of surgery, five days, at least five days in the hospital to recover, six weeks of post-op recovery,  and potential for a lot of blood loss. 

What we've been able to pioneer here, and to my knowledge, we are the only one in Canada that are  offering this surgery we've started doing this robotically now….
In patients who we feel are appropriate, and the advantages of to the robotic surgery are, instead of the large mid-line incision we have a series of smaller cuts.

The bleeding is a fraction of what it is for the open surgery. 
The recovery, instead of the average length of stay being five to six days is down around one day.