Meet The Cancer Experts: Dr. Phedias Diamandis

Hi my name is Phedias Diamandis and I'm a Neuropathologist and affiliate scientist here at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.
No one wants to hear that they have a disease or a sickness or a cancer, but when they do, I think the first question that seems to be on everyone’s mind is, “Now that I know what I have, how do I treat it?”
And I think that’s really the challenge and the future of pathology.
Not just telling people what they have and what the natural course of that disease is, but finding more personalized features of their specific tumour and then telling them what we’re able to do about it to change the natural course of the disease and, hopefully, extend their life.
Or perhaps one day we can tell them that we can now cure you. I think that’s what patients want to hear.
We're fortunate to be in an era where there's so much information that we've never had before.
But now the real challenge is, how can we use that information in a meaningful way?
In today's society you can almost do everything.
You can analyse tumours in so many ways, but the challenge is...can we do it in an effective way to really make a difference.