Meet The Cancer Experts - Dr. Michael Reedijk


Hi my name is Michael Reedijk and I'm a surgeon scientist at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

We're just now embarking on a phase where medicine is becoming at least in cancer is becoming much more precise.
A lot of these patients are for the first time in their life, are met with a very difficult and dire circumstance and to be able to see them and be involved in their care at that point and then help them get through that journey.

It's a huge privilege to be involved in that life defining period of their life.

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre has had a long standing interest in doing fundamentally great science and all of the infrastructure to do that is here.

The nursing staff, the social workers, you name it, all of my colleagues are truly exceptional people and so that's inspirational in and of itself.

The hardest part about my job is failure because there's failure that comes with this job. There's failing patients, not all patients do well and that's a tough thing to deal with.