Meet The Cancer Experts: Dr. John Waldron


My name is John Waldron, I’m a Radiation Oncologist and I’m the Head and Neck site group leader at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.
Head and Neck Cancer patients are often the sickest patients receiving treatment because of the multiple modalities and the critical locations of the tumours that we treat.  And this requires a very large and specialized team.
The Head and Neck Program at Princess Margaret is certainly one of the largest in North America if not the world.  It’s unique in the fact that we have a multi-disciplinary environment where we work very closely together between the three major disciplines that treat Head and Neck Cancer, Radiation Oncology, Surgery and Medical Oncology.
Most people in the past, if they’d thought about Head and Neck Cancer at all, have thought it’s related predominantly to smoking and alcohol excess.  While that is certainly true, now there are Head and Neck Cancers that are related to viral exposures that everyone in the community is exposed to.
And therefore, everyone is potentially at risk of developing a Head and Neck cancer in their lifetime.
We’re very fortunate in that we’re so large that we see relatively large numbers of relatively rare cancers and we’re able to carefully analyze the outcomes and report these to benefits of the community at large.