Meet The Cancer Experts: Dr. Jennifer Knox


Meet Dr. Jennifer Knox. In her own words:

My name is Dr. Jennifer Knox. I'm a Medical Oncologist at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in downtown Toronto

I treat people with advanced cancers predominantly in the gastrointestinal site, which is a lot of different cancers throughout the GI tract. 

When I first started out I already knew, I had come from a background of research and I knew I wanted to be an oncologist.

I loved the way that as an oncologist, you have to look after the whole person – you know, the physical, all their different organ systems, their mental health, psychology. Everything comes into good cancer care.

And then I was really very interested in the research side of things and there's really been no area of medicine that has changed so rapidly and had so much progress.

Cancer touches all our lives and our families and our loved ones, so it's really – it's important medicine.

Everybody just goes to bat for patients so that when they feel that they've been here at Princess Margaret, they've got a bad disease, but they've had real tender love and care. We do that for them and I think there’s a culture of that here and I think it attracts people who want to do that for these patients and it makes me proud.