Meet The Cancer Experts: Dr. Elena Elimova


My name is Elena Elimova and I'm a medical oncologist at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

The DNA that we're born with isn't the DNA that our cancers end up having so what we know is that cancers change over time. 

So what we're working on is trying to figure out how those genes or that DNA leads to the development of cancer. I think by understanding the biology of cancer we’ll be able to understand how to better treat it. I think what makes the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre unique are the people who work here.

We're the luckiest people in the world because we work with some of the most amazing patients in the world. They're sick but they're some of the strongest people that I've ever met and I think it's my  patients that motivate me.  

I think when we put our heads together we can come up with new ideas and things that will hopefully lead to change. Not just in thousands of people’s lives, but maybe one day in millions of people’s lives.