Meet The Cancer Experts: Dr. Benjamin Haibe-Kains

Meet Dr. Benjamin Haibe-Kains. In his own words:

My father died, unfortunately, from lung cancer when I was very young.

My mother talked a lot about this because it was really tough and for me, the most amazing fact is that he would not stop smoking, making his situation even worse.

This is just life. I mean, people can handle a certain amount of stress and when you’re being treated with chemotherapy, you have so many stresses to deal with. 

So, sure, finding better cures with less toxicity will allow people to have a better quality of life and probably make better choices as well. But I understand the difficulty of what the cancer patients are going through.

We try to understand how this massive amount of data could help us design better therapies.  

And that requires what we call machine learning, or artificial intelligence, because we need the machine to crack this super-high dimensional space – all those genes and all those different aspects of the genes – and build complex, predictive models to predict what's going to be the best therapy, what's going to be the best drugs to combine and to identify which one you should give to each individual patient.