Ask The Cancer Experts FAQ: Dr. David Brooks


Here's your chance to Ask the Cancer Experts of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre a question. Dr. David Brooks, a senior scientist at The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre,  tackles your FAQs. #conquercancer
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Dr. Brooks: So our goal is to figure out how to fix the immune system so that it can go into the cancer, it can recognize the cancer cells, and now instead of shutting off it will see those cancer cells and kill them.

FAQ: How does immune therapy research impact clinical trials?

Dr. Brooks: Our discovery has been really trying to figure out how these molecules are working to modulate, or fix, or affect the immune system. So our real addition to this has been to try and figure out when this therapy is given. The ones that are currently in clinical trials - how are they working? 

We're looking at taking the cells, or taking the tumour biopsies from the patient and trying to figure out what's changing in a patient where the response is very good, versus maybe a patient where the response is not as good, so that we can pinpoint the mechanisms that really we should be targeting, and that we should be focusing on for the next round of clinical therapies. 

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