Ask The Cancer Experts: Dr. Gary Rodin

Here's your chance to Ask the Cancer Experts, of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, a question. Dr. Gary Rodin tackles the topic of alternative therapies for patients. #conquercancer
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Question: In the future will we see more research money allocated to different types of therapy, such as holistic care?
We went to Dr. Gary Rodin, head of the Department of Supportive Care at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, to tell us more about different types of therapy.

Dr. Rodin: We certainly hope that will be the case. However it does also raise the question: what is alternative or holistic care? We know that there's not been enough attention to things as basic as pain and symptom control, psychological support for patients and family, and we're trying to provide that. But we're also looking at other means of support including music therapy, art therapy, and a whole range of psychological, social, and other kinds of therapies for patients.

These are things for which we hope there will be more support, that more research will be directed to it, and that they will be more available to patients and families with cancer.

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