Top 10 Tips for Riders about to embark on a 200 plus km journey


This Saturday, riders kick off their 200-plus-kilometre cycling journey from Toronto to Niagara Falls for The Enbridge® Ride to Conquer Cancer® benefiting Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.
For the cyclists joining us for the first time, welcome to The Ride community and thank you for joining our fundraising crusade. 
To help ensure it’s an unforgettable experience, we’ve compiled the top 10 tips for a successful ride.
1. Early bird gets the worm – Check in online leading up to the event or on the morning of the event to save time and avoid lineups. On-site check-in services and breakfast starts at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday.
2. Fuel up your car before the road trip – Knowing what to eat will make a huge difference. Before you ride, fill up with easily digested carbohydrates like bananas, berries and Greek yogurt to keep your glycogen levels topped up. During the ride, have small bites to keep your blood sugar and energy stable, such as raisins, energy gels and cookies. Eat before you are hungry to avoid depleting the glycogen stored in your muscles and hitting a wall.
3. Refresh. Rehydrate. Replenish. – Adequate intake of fluids is essential. Ideally, you have two water bottles: one with plain water and one with electrolytes. Nuun Electrolyte replacement beverage will be available at pit stops. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink. A good rule of thumb is to drink every 15 minutes, consuming at least 25oz of fluid per hour. And remember to bring your water bottle back out with you to hydrate throughout the night.
4. Safety first – Choose a helmet that fits securely on your head, is well ventilated and is certified. Carry a patch kit, tire levers, a spare tube and a pump at all times. Protect your skin and eyes from overexposure to the sun when cycling.
5. Stretch and strengthen – Take the time you need when riding to get off your bike, stretch and rest from time to time. Stretching regularly will avert injuries caused by poor flexibility. Make sure to stretch out your hips, glutes and quads—your legs will thank you for this.
6. Talk the talk – Call out “ON YOUR LEFT” when passing at all times and “STOPPING” or “SLOWING” when doing so. Drafting behind other cyclists is not permitted on the ride.
7. Slow and steady – It’s not a race, it’s a ride. Don’t push yourself too hard right out of the gate. When pedaling, always strive to have the RPM/cadence at 85-95. Riding a lower output than this can often cause muscle fatigue, quickly.
8. When you feel like quitting, think about why you started – Why did you sign up to ride in the first place? Was it for a friend or family member? For your patients? For your own health? There is a bigger goal and a greater purpose to your cycling journey. Don’t get discouraged.
9. Spread the word – Share your journey on social media to help us make an even greater impact in the fight against cancer by growing our community, increasing our fundraising numbers and spreading the word about this epic event.
10. Don’t forget to have fun – The ride is a celebration of your training and fundraising efforts. It’s a truly epic experience unlike any other, so remember to enjoy this unforgettable weekend.
For more tips and event info visit The Enbridge® Ride to Conquer Cancer® official site