The Princess Margaret’s Drs. Jaffray and Wiljer Colour their Hair to Conquer Cancer


The Princess Margaret’s Drs. David Jaffray and David Wiljer made a bold statement for a good cause Wednesday morning by colouring their hair crimson red.

Their efforts are part of Colour Your Hair to Conquer Cancer, a new fundraising campaign that benefits world-leading research at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.  

Dr. Jaffray, Executive Vice-President of Technology and Innovation at UHN, and Dr. Wiljer, Executive Director of Education, Technology & Innovation at UHN, chose red to honour Dr. Michael Sharpe, a fellow doctor and friend, who passed away from cancer in June, 2016.

“Mike worked as a medical physicist here at The Princess Margaret, he developed many innovative technologies that are here today affecting the care of cancer patients … it’s in honour of Mike, the red hair,” says Jaffray.

So far, Dr. Jaffray has raised nearly $9,000 of his $10,000 goal.

“People have e-mailed me and said we want to see your hair. They wanted to really have it permanently coloured. They were a little disappointed when I said we were just spraying it,” says Jaffray.


Jaffray adds the money raised through the program helps fuel new discoveries and the development of new technologies.

“Princess Margaret Cancer Centre brings and develops the best cancer care for Canadians. The government funds the delivery care but the Foundation money lets us figure out the next care.

“It’s not just the people who come to The Princess Margaret. The (Cancer Centre) influences the entire cancer program for Canadians.” 

To donate to Dr. Jaffray’s campaign, visit his fundraising page here.  

There’s still time to take part in Colour Your Hair to Conquer Cancer, presented by Trade Secrets. Fundraise until July 31st for eligibility in the Ambassador Rewards Program. To find out how to get involved visit