Bravery Bell campaign highlights emotional cancer journeys



For patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, the Bravery Bell is a beacon of hope. The bell is usually rung at the end of a patient's chemotherapy treatment, which is a challenging experience for people both physically and mentally. 

The Princess Margaret's Bravery Bell campaign honours the long-standing tradition with four powerful stories from patients who completed chemotherapy and rang the Bravery Bell at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. 

“Our campaign highlights the emotions cancer patients experience and underscores the need to continue the important work being done by cancer researchers and clinicians to Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime,” says Michael Burns, President & CEO of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

For those who have rung the Bravery Bell, it is always an emotional experience. It's also a moment for patients to come together with their families, friends and Cancer Centre staff and celebrate the end of one chapter in their cancer journeys. 

Watch the videos at to hear their emotional experiences.