Four Princess Margaret cancer experts honoured by the Canadian Cancer Society


(L-R Award Recipients Dr. Daniel De Carvalho, Dr. Morag Park, Dr. Brian O'Sullivan, Dr. Mathieu Lupien and Dr. Philippe Bedard) 

Four Princess Margaret Cancer Centre experts have been honoured with Awards for Excellence and Outstanding Achievement in Cancer Research by the Canadian Cancer Society.

Senior Scientists Dr. Daniel De Carvalho and Dr. Mathieu Lupien, along with Dr. Philippe Bedard, Clinical Director of the Cancer Genomics Program and Dr. Brian O’Sullivan, Bartley-Smith/Wharton Chair in Radiation Oncology, were honoured Monday morning at a special breakfast ceremony alongside their families and other Princess Margaret staff. 

Drs. De Carvalho and Lupien were co-recipients of the Bernard and Francine Dorval Prize, which recognizes outstanding contributions to basic biomedical research that have the potential to lead, or have already led, our understanding of cancer treatments and/or cures. 

(Dr. De Carvalho pictured with his wife and parents)
Considered one of Canada’s rising stars in cancer research, Dr. De Carvalho’s work has focused on epigenetics and how that affects cancer development and growth, leading to an increased understanding of how therapeutic drugs work. He has also made strides in his work with cancer immunology and cancer stem cells.

(Dr. Lupien pictured with his wife)

Dr. Lupien has gained an international reputation based on his research on the epigenetics of cancer and how non-coding genomes affect cancer risk and development. His world-class research program is expected to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment.

(Dr. Bedard pictured with his family)

Dr. Bedard received the William E. Rawls Prize, which recognizes investigators who have made outstanding contributions that lead to or have led to important advances in cancer control. Bedard is recognized as a world leader in cancer genomics. He has established and co-led a molecular profiling program that maps abnormalities in tumours that can help develop personalized treatment for each patient.
(Dr. O'Sullivan pictured with members of the Princess Margaret team)

Dr. O’Sullivan was honoured with the O. Harold Warwick Prize that recognizes outstanding achievements in cancer control research. O’Sullivan’s contributions to clinical research have optimized radiation therapy and minimized side effects. He’s also transformed cancer care, for head and neck and soft tissue sarcomas, that affect the body’s supportive or connective tissues.

Dr. Morag Park, Director of the Goodman Cancer Research Centre at McGill University, was also recognized.  Each award includes a $20,000 contribution to the recipient’s research program. 

For more information on the awards visit the Canadian Cancer Society.