​Q&A with Margaret + George Make News featured model Maye Musk


Internationally-renowned model and newly named CoverGirl Maye Musk will be the featured model in the upcoming Margaret and George Make News gala fashion show and dinner, in support of the Breast Cancer Reconstruction Program at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. 

The 6th Margaret + George event will showcase New York City fashion designer Sally LaPointe, who will be presenting her Spring/Summer 2018 Runway collection Nov. 6 at the Globe & Mail Centre in Toronto.

Read what Musk, who’s also a registered dietician, had to say about the upcoming event and what it means to take part in such an important fundraiser below.

Everyone is looking forward to seeing you walk in Margaret + George Make News. What can we expect from the event?

Musk: Glamour, fashion, fun, and all for a good cause.
The fundraising efforts will benefit the Breast Cancer Reconstruction Program at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. What does it mean to you to take part in such an important fundraiser?

Musk: As a dietitian, I appreciate any research into health and disease. The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is one of the top cancer centres in the world. I am honoured to be part of this fundraiser.
Cancer touches a lot of people. Do you have a personal connection to the disease? How vital do you think it is to give to cancer research?

Musk: I have had family members and friends who have suffered from cancer. They received great care. More can be done in the future through research.
Have you worked with Sally LaPointe before? 

Musk: I have worn Sally LaPointe on the red carpet at the Vanity Fair Oscar party, to great acclaim. Also at the IMG/Elle magazine/E!news party during NYFW.
She has developed a loyal following of fans including the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Kendall Jenner. Why do you think her designs appeal to such a wide audience?

Musk: Her designs are beautiful, different and interesting.

You also have Canadian roots – what are you looking forward to about coming home for the show?

Musk: I always look forward to returning to Canada, to visit family members or to work as a model or speaker. My book was published in Canada and I think I was the first dietitian to appear on cereal boxes. The people are friendly and very welcoming. They were good to me when I lived in Toronto. There are so many happy memories here. Nearby I went to the University of Toronto, and had a private dietetics practice in Yorkville. I’ve also modeled in most of the fashion centres in Toronto and surrounding areas.
It’s been an incredible year for you. What’s it like to be a CoverGirl at the age of 69?

Musk:  It really has been an incredible year. Who knew, at 69, I would be in demand as a model? Being a CoverGirl sends a great message to women of all ages. We don’t have to slow down as we get older. There is so much for us to do. My wise mom was born in Moose Jaw, Sask., and married my father in Regina, Sask., where I was born. She passed away in Canmore, Alta., at 98, spending half her life in South Africa and exploring the world. She was working as an artist, reading and learning new things every day, staying positive and happy - my role model.
What message do you think this sends to women about how we define beauty?

Musk: We should define beauty as someone who is nice, kind, considerate, polite and interesting. However, women do look better with makeup on. I certainly do. It’s fun to have confidence every day, knowing you’ve done your best to stay stylish.
You started modeling when you were 15 years old. How have you seen the industry change?

Musk: The industry has changed quite a bit. From the 60s - 90s I would often do my own hair and make up for modeling jobs, and carry my own shoes and accessories for runway shows. There was also a lot of choreography and rehearsals for fashion shows. Now I just turn up and everything is done for me, and I just walk straight. Easy.

What do you still love about your job?

Musk: I love working as a dietitian, giving talks around the world. I read up on nutrition research all the time so I can answer any questions, and it keeps my brain active. I love modeling with creative people who do wonderful work, each team in their own unique way. That is very exciting! I know there’s a lot more different looks to come. That’s why my hashtag on Instagram is #justgettingstarted.