The Princess Margaret is spreading the word on immunotherapy


View of Princess Margaret Cancer Centre atrium

Some 250 people gathered at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre on Nov. 17 to participate in a special Immunotherapy Donor Summit.
Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that harnesses the power of the immune system to fight cancer. To date, hundreds of patients have received immunotherapy treatments through clinical trials at The Princess Margaret. 

It is believed that immunotherapy could one day join the ranks of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, as the fourth pillar of cancer treatment.
At the donor summit, cancer experts spoke to guests about the science of immunotherapy and the ground-breaking research that is taking place at the Cancer Centre. Guests also heard the stories of some real-life patients – Tish Vigna and Jason Smith – who have been treated with immunotherapy at The Princess Margaret.
Special guests at the summit included Dr. Peter Pisters, the President and CEO of University Health Network, as well as Dr. Tak Mak, Senior Scientist at The Princess Margaret.
Dr. Mak spoke about the potential that immunotherapy has for cancer patients and about the ways that medical science has helped improve our lives over the years.
There was also a special panel discussion led by Phillip Crawley, the CEO and Publisher of The Globe and Mail newspaper. Three superstars from the Cancer Centre – Dr. Marcus Butler, Dr. Pamela Ohashi and Dr. Lillian Siu – took part.
At the end of the summit, it was revealed that Agnico Eagle is making a $5-million donation to Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in support of immunotherapy.
Follow this link to learn more about the immunotherapy at The Princess Margaret.