Cancer Saved My Life

2016-10-18  |  Events |  Posted by: Christine Lasky

Last night was the wonderful premiere of Cancer Saved My Life, a 60-minute documentary which chronicled Canadian broadcast journalist’s Libby Znaimer’s experience with breast and pancreatic cancer. 

The documentary is about one woman’s amazingly brave journey through cancer diagnosis, treatment and the exploration of a genetic mutation (BRCA 1 and 2) that predisposed her to cancer and ultimately helped her overcome her own disease. 
It is also a story about bravery in the face of adversity for Znaimer along with her family and friends. Add to that the support offered by team of innovative doctors, including Drs. Steven Gallinger and Malcolm Moore, with the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. They created a personalized treatment plan and became true partners with Libby.
This is a must see documentary for anyone who cares about the cancer cause. Search for it on Vision TV.