The 2nd annual Chinese Radiothon with A1 Radio

24/10/2014  |  Inside The PMCF |  Posted by: Karina Wong

Live 1-Day Broadcast at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre!

On October 2nd, there was a line-up of people waiting to tell their stories in The Princess Margaret’s atrium.

With the help of A1 Chinese Radio, we presented the 2nd annual radiothon “Together we can Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime”. Thank you to everyone – staff, patients, families, and supporters – who shared their stories.  Throughout the day, the radio team invited listeners to call-in and make a donation.  As soon as the phones rang, our dedicated volunteers dived for the receivers hoping to be the first to pick up the call. Once they had jotted down the donor’s information, they rushed to the tally sheet to update the fundraising total. The Chinese community came together to raise over $66,000 for cancer research and patient care at The Princess Margaret.

The radiothon is part of a broad initiative to raise awareness about The Princess Margaret in the Chinese community. Cancer affects all of us. Being a Foundation staff member of Chinese descent, I was honoured to share with listeners the impact of donor dollars and how we can help cancer patients and families. As I was running back and forth between my desk and the cancer centre atrium on that day, I was inspired by the personal stories I heard like:
  • Mr. Chan, a 74-year-old mesothelioma cancer survivor who was given only a few months to live at the time of his diagnosis a few years ago.  He made time to come share his story before heading to the airport to pick up visiting family.
  • The Princess Margaret is like my second home,” said another patient as she was trying to hold back her tears. She’s simply overwhelmed with gratitude for the community support.  In her journey, she finds it difficult for family and friends to understand what she’s going through. And often times, it’s very tiring to have to explain herself.  Through unique programs such as “Healthy Steps”, offered by ELLICSR, she’s surrounded by other cancer patients who truly understand her.
  • Mrs. Maria Lui whose husband, Mr. Henry Lui sadly passed away from advanced esophageal cancer shared her unwavering support and confidence in the staff of The Princess Margaret. Even after looking into other cancer programs elsewhere, they were told that the experts to help them were to be found right here at The Princess Margaret.
  • A listener learned that chemotherapy is not the only way to treat cancer. He was so impressed about the innovative research happening at The Princess Margaret that he called to make a very generous $5,000 donation. “It sounds like the new treatment approach will have many breakthroughs,” he said. 

Hundreds of donors were inspired to help with a donation.

What are some of the stories that inspired you that day?

Join the Chinese community in conquering cancer – make a donation at!