Libby Znaimer shares incredible story in ‘Cancer Saved My Life’ tonight on VisionTV

2017-11-14  |  Events |  Posted by: ​Sheri Block

Nine years after being diagnosed with locally advanced pancreatic cancer, Libby Znaimer has made a complete recovery.

The Toronto-based broadcaster tells her story in a documentary called “Cancer Saved My Life,” airing tonight at 9 pm ET on VisionTV. 

Znaimer was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 and the expanded version of the documentary includes updated information on the BRCA-2 gene mutation and the connection to breast and ovarian cancer. It also examines how the BRCA gene mutations can pre-dispose people to pancreatic cancer. 

The documentary also features Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and the groundbreaking work being done by Drs. Steven Gallinger, David Hedley and Malcolm Moore, who developed a novel treatment for Znaimer, and how her case is being used to help others. 

“Little did I know that the genetic mutation that caused both my cancers would end up saving my life,” says Znaimer. 

Don’t miss the documentary tonight at 9 pm ET/6 pm ET on Bell 1161, Bell Fibe 1213, Rogers 60, Telus 871. Watch the trailer here