Q & A with Dr. Gelareh Zadeh

25/05/2016  |  Inside The PMCF |  Posted by: Karina Wong

Dr. Zadeh, a Surgeon Scientist at The Princess Margaret and University Health Network, is among those helping lead the way toward Personalized Cancer Medicine.


Q: What is your area of research?
A: My research focuses on brain tumors — both malignant and benign — to understand their biology and how they respond to therapy so that we can improve outcomes of our treatment.

Q: How are you trying to fight brain cancer?
A: One of the main areas of focus for my team is to look at the genomic and molecular landscape of brain tumors in response to therapy, asking what molecular changes happen following treatment so that we can target those as additional therapies. Another area of interest is the study of how brain tumors build the blood supply that nourishes them and supports their growth. The question is, how can we block the blood vessels from forming in order to deprive the tumor of nutrition and prevent its continued growth? We are also exploring alterations that take place in how malignant brain tumors process sugar and metabolism in general.

Q: How are The Princess Margaret and University Health Network raising the bar on brain cancer research?
A: With the recruitment of Dr. Ken Aldape, an international leader in molecular pathology who will lead the new MacFeeters Hamilton Centre for Neuro-Oncology Research, we are integrating molecular analysis into our research and clinical practice at a more indepth level. This will help us to not only better understand the disease but, more importantly, to design strategies for patients based on the individual molecular signature of their tumor and, critically, at the time of tumor recurrence.