Report predicts new cancer cases to increase by 40%

2015-05-27  |  Inside The PMCF |  Posted by: Paul Alofs


The Canadian Cancer Society reported that there will be a major surge in new cancer cases for Canadians with a 40% increase in new cases projected in the next 15 years.  By the year 2030, it is estimated that there will be about 277,000 new cancer patients a year up from about 200,000 new cases in 2015.


Why will so many Canadians be diagnosed with cancer given the current trends? Part of the answer is found in our aging population. The only certain way to change these frightening statistics is through research. Personalized cancer medicine, immune therapy, and new techniques to “detect, diagnose, target and support” cancer patients is what is required. This is a startling wakeup call for the Canadian healthcare system and for all Canadians. The Princess Margaret is one of the world’s top 5 cancer research centres and every day we ask "Why?". Why can't we change these frightening statistics with major advances in detecting and treating cancers. Why is in our DNA at The Princess Margaret. While we need to prepare for the future, why don’t we double our efforts today to change this disturbing trend and help us conquer cancer in our lifetime. 

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