7 Budding Philanthropists give back to The Princess Margaret

2017-03-21  |  Recognition |  Posted by: Geoff Nixon

They know their grandfather is sick, but they also know he’s getting all the support he needs at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

In fact, his seven grandchildren are so appreciative of the care he is receiving that they made a special card they sent to The Princess Margaret, to thank all the people who work there.

7 budding philanthropists"A big thank you for taking care of our Grandpa," the hand-drawn card reads. "He had lots of treatments there and you did an amazing job of taking care of him."

Autumn, Ewan, Claire, Anna, Margot, Helen and Sophie all wanted the Cancer Centre to know they were thankful.

It was signed by each of them, each with a different colour of pencil crayon.

But their gratitude didn't end with their kind words.

These young philanthropists put on a lemonade and bake sale and raised $110 to help The Princess Margaret. That money came along with the colourful card they made.

And when Christmas rolled around, they each were given money to donate to a charity of their choice. Five of them also sent that to the Cancer Centre.

We are very thankful for their thoughtful note and for the fundraising they did to help patients like their grandfather. 

Paul Alofs, the President and CEO of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, was very impressed with what these school-aged fundraisers had done.

"At The Princess Margaret, we value every donation," Alofs said. "It's so wonderful to see this generation giving back at such an early age and helping us to conquer cancer in our lifetime!"