Canada Day

2018-06-29  |  Personal |  Posted by: Christine Lasky

As we approach our country’s birthday  this coming Sunday July 1st…I am grateful for so many things. 

I am grateful for being a Canadian in this welcoming , diverse and beautiful country, that I was fortunate to be born in.

I am grateful to my grandparents who emigrated to Canada from Poland -  so many decades ago.  

I am grateful to my parents who gave me important values and life guidance. I am grateful to Princess Margaret Cancer Centre for enrolling my mother in a Tamoxifen clinical trial over 25 years ago  which gave her so many more years of life.  

I am grateful for my family and friends, and co-workers here at The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, and the 3000+ people who work in the Cancer Centre  both caring for patients and doing discovery research to advance our knowledge about cancer and new treatments. 

I am grateful to all of our event participants, our volunteers and our donors who number in the hundreds of thousands. We have a vision to Conquer Cancer in Our Lifetime and I know major advances happening here at The Princess Margaret will help make this a reality.

Happy Canada Day All!