An Inspiring Message from Yoga To Conquer Cancer Guest Speaker Suzanne Priddle

2018-06-22  |  Events |  Posted by: PMCF

Suzanne Priddle is a breast cancer survivor who was treated at The Princess Margaret. At this year’s Yoga To Conquer Cancer, she delivered a powerful message about her cancer journey in the form of a poem. Listen to her inspiring words or read the transcript below.

Breath, I take a deep breath again. I take a breath to begin to talk to you. I take a deep breath to begin my yoga practice. I take a deep breath to begin my cancer journey. 

Cancer, it’s not me… I’m happy, I’m vegan, I run every day, I do yoga every single day, I recycle. 2017 that was my worst year. 

Both of my parents died, I got a divorce, oh and I lost my job. How could things get worse? 2018 I look in the mirror, there’s something different about my breasts, I take a deep breath. 

I call my doctor and she says, “You know what Suzanne? It’s probably just aging,” which is both relieving and insulting. She says, “Let’s get a mammogram just to make sure, just to make sure you’re healthy.” Did I mention, I’m healthy? 

I get a mammogram, and the results are positive. Positive in cancer land is not positive, it is a negative. I take a deep breath. I have a year of treatments, chemotherapy, radiation, an operation. 

I lose my hair, I used to have long hair. I lose my energy, I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, it’s hard to breathe. I try and take a deep breath. I go to yoga practice. 

Sometimes I can move a lot and sometime I can move a little. Sometimes I cry and sometimes I laugh and smile… 

And I look at my friends across the mat and I’m loved and cherished just by their energy. So I’m almost done my journey, I’m cancer free, my family hugs me and we laugh and we dance and we cry. 

So what helped my along the way? My friends, my family my yoga practice.  A friend of mine said, “Any hill can be climbed as long as you keep going, so keep going.” I take a deep breath.