Seeds of Hope

2017-06-13  |  Events |  Posted by: Paul Alofs

Why would more than 5,000 cyclists come out for a weekend to ride and raise over $20.5 million for the Princess Margaret?  With 40% of Canadians being diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, virtually everyone is touched by this horrible disease. 
Hope is important to every cancer patient, to every medical person treating them, and to every researcher researching this disease.  Hope is also a powerful passion which inspires our volunteers and our donors. 
The Ride to Conquer Cancer is Canada’s most successful peer-to-peer fundraising event.  Every rider is inspired by the hope that The Princess Margaret, a world-leading cancer centre, will help improve patient outcomes, extend life and yes, even cure some cancers. 
The photo above is of my wife Sheila, who is also a ten-year rider, and who lost her father, Jim, to pancreatic cancer.  The seeds of hope will grow a forest of new treatments like immunotherapy, which harnesses the power of the immune system to fight cancer, and new protocols based on genomic pathology. 
To all those committed to Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime, and particularly to the 5,000+ riders and 1,250 volunteers from the extraordinary movement called the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer, our gratitude and sincere thanks.  Here is a story from the Toronto Star about the Ride and the Seeds of Hope it inspires.