You Have to Believe It to Achieve It

21/06/2016  |  Inside The PMCF |  Posted by: Karina Wong


It's a time of incredible excitement here at The Princess Margaret. Research is advancing more quickly than ever before. We've made incredible breakthroughs...and more life-saving discoveries are on the horizon.

Yet your support today is absolutely essential to achieving more. your gift will advance research, treatment, and care, bringing us closer to the day when we will finally conquer cancer. 

Why you can Believe

The pace of progress has increased drastically. In the past 10 years, we've learned more about cancer than in the rest of recorded history.

We know cancer is caused by changes and mutations in our genes, and we're uncovering new ways to treat it. Through immunotherapy, we're harnessing the body's own immune system to fight cancer. And thanks to the discovery of cancer stem cells, we're learning how to target and eliminate cancers at their root.

Most importantly, people are beating certain cancers that were once unbeatable. And it's those stories of survival that show the power of what we can achieve when we believe. 

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Jennifer - Conquered Tonsil Cancer

When doctors discovered a cancerous tumor on Jennifer's tonsil, she feared her many drug allergies would cause the chemotherapy to trigger a life-threatening reaction. Thank fully, innovation here at The Princess Margaret made it possible to remove the cancer surgically instead. Today, Jennifer is enjoying each day with her four sons. "I'm so thankful!"

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