How Dr. Gang Zheng uses nanotechnology to fight cancer at a particle level

08/06/2016  |  Faces of The Princess Margaret |  Posted by: Cassandra Hui


Dr. Gang Zheng spent an hour doing his first ever Reddit Ask Me Anything! The internet was allowed to ask Dr. Gang Zheng anything about his work with nanoparticle delivery of cancer therapies and how it's changing the game of personalized cancer medicine. 

1) What is a nanoparticle?


2) Cancers are so diverse - how do you target a wide variety of cancers with this method?


3) How do porphyrins self-assemble in the human body?


4) How do you get the porphysomes into the tumor rather than the organs?


5) What is the most interesting treatment being researched?


6) What are the educational backgrounds of the people on your team?


7) Why do you feel nanoparticles could be successful in comparison to other emerging ideas. 


See the full Reddit AMA session.