Our Fellows are Key: The Proof is Progress

2016-06-29  |  Faces of The Princess Margaret |  Posted by: Karina Wong


Cancer stem cells are widely regarded as one of the most promising areas of cancer research today. Unlocking their secrets is key to providing personalized, life-saving treatments for patients and families.

Dr. Catherine O'Brien's work is just one example of how recruiting the most talented young minds results in exciting progress. 

Having followed the path from Fellow to Senior Scientist and Surgeon, Dr. O'Brien is now essential to cancer stem-cell research taking place at The Princess margaret. In fact, her work may hold the key to eliminating colon cancer at its root. 

It takes the best, brightest, most-determined minds to stand up to cancer. With your 
help, today's Fellows will become tomorrow's Senior Scientists and Surgeons. Today, your leadership is critical.

People like you - who are willing to lead with that extra measure of investment - are absolutely essential to accelerating research and providing the very best hope for those battling cancer now.