Feel Good Friday - Bon Jovi Joy & Transplant Trainer

2014-06-20  |  Feel Good Friday |  Posted by: Kyla Lougheed

Jon Bon Jovi surprise cancer patientWhen life gives you lemons…
Mario, a 10-year-old New Jersey boy who was diagnosed with inoperable brain tumors, set up a lemonade stand last Saturday to raise money for childhood cancer. Little did he know that his dream of meeting rock star Jon Bon Jovi was about to come true!

Story & Photo: ParentDish Canada
Gail Leblanc training for upcoming Transplant Games
Survivor Games
Gail has fought cancer twice – and beaten the odds. And now she celebrates her second chance at life every opportunity she gets, including taking part in the upcoming Canadian Transplant Games. 

Story & Photo: Sackville Tribune-Post