Building Movements, Not Brands

2017-07-04  |  Inside The PMCF |  Posted by: Paul Alofs

Paul Alofs at 2017 Ride

Building brands is dead.  Building movements is what it's all about today.  Bringing people together around their authentic passion is what inspires a movement.  So does impact and change.  

The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation is extraordinarily grateful to the 250,000+ passionate donors who support our movement – to Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime.  

The PMCF is fortunate to have developed 4 of the top 30 peer-to-peer fundraising movements in Canada.  The #1 peer-to-peer fundraising event in Canada is the Ride to Conquer Cancer, which we share with B.C., Alberta and Quebec.  It takes Passion Capital to build a movement and even more passion to sustain it over many years.  

OneWalk to Conquer Cancer is going into its 15th year and the Ride just celebrated its 10th year with a record $20.5 million raised.  

Brands are old news and old thinking.  Movements that can be sustained and built over years are the new model.  

Thanks to our army of donors and volunteers and supporters.  The Princess Margaret would not be one of the world’s top 5 cancer research centres without your support!