One Extraordinary Joe

08/07/2016  |  Events |  Posted by: Paul Alofs

Joe Finley was no “Ordinary Joe”!  The 10th year of the Joe’s Team Sprint Triathlon goes tomorrow at Lake Joseph. 

Thanks to Joe and his wife Cara, and their incredible committee of volunteers, Joe’s Team has raised over $12 million for head and neck cancer research, and allowed us to expand our team from 4 to more than 80 head and neck researchers.  Joe’s Team will raise over $1 million tomorrow and it is the most successful grassroots fundraising event in Princess Margaret history. 

I love participating in Joe’s Team and it’s one of the great days of the summer.  The passion and commitment from Joe and Cara Finley and their family have been transformational to head and neck cancer research at The Princess Margaret and globally.  Joe Finley is an extraordinary example of Passion Capital and, although Joe passed away, we will all be thinking of him as we celebrate tomorrow with Cara, Mike, and Megan Finley.  One “Extraordinary Joe”.  Look for the tribute in Saturday’s Globe and Mail.
Here’s a short video tribute to Joe Finley and Joe’s Team.