How to earn a free banana

2016-07-08  |  Guest Bloggers |  Posted by: Lydia Lee

As I was lining up for my usual Tall Bold one morning, a work colleague asked, "so what did you do this weekend?"

Where do I begin?
  • I rode my bike over 200km from Toronto to Niagara Falls with more than 4,200 new best friends. The threatening thunderstorms, 30c heat and 28k winds made Saturday a bit tough. Thankfully Sunday had only 32k winds, but mostly at our backs.
  • During a 16 hour period, I drank over 15 litres of Gatorade, ate 6 bananas, probably a cup of peanut butter and countless orange slices. I cherish the people who cut up all of those oranges. And who knew vegan carrot cake could be so delicious?
  • Simultaneous cramps in quads and hamstrings do NOT make for fun hill climbs but you have to keep pedaling through it.
  • As I was riding, I had a good old fashioned cry thinking about my Dad. We lost him to leukemia when he was only 51. I turn 51 next month. Yeah, think about that one….
  • Every year I ride, I see more and more friends out there. Is this a good thing or not a good thing? Everybody has a story about cancer. So many courageous cancer survivors with a yellow flag. Seems like there were a lot more this year, especially young people.  
  • My cycling team - Team Erin – collectively raised nearly $350,000 on its own. Brian and I, together, raised nearly $11,000 of that with the help of family and friends.  I love my team for its incredible organization, motivation, training, and hilarious comradery that gets us over the finish line. Plus we look pretty darn good in those matching jerseys.
Overall, The Ride To Conquer Cancer raised over $17,000,000 for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world.  Together, we are committed to conquering cancer in our lifetime. Our weekend of tough riding is nothing compared to the challenge that someone with cancer has to go through.

Ride to Conquer Cancer

Ride to Conquer Cancer

Next year this time, when someone asks YOU what you did last weekend, why don't you plan to tell them you joined The Ride to Conquer Cancer. Ask me how you can join Team Erin or sign up on your own. Either way, it's one of the most gratifying way to earn a free banana.