Thanks A Billion!

2017-01-11  |  Events |  Posted by: Nick Taylor

Today is a One in a Billion Kind of Day!

The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world. Supported through fundraising efforts lead by The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, the cancer centre is leading the way in personalized cancer medicine and working towards finding tomorrow's treatment today.

This day, January 11th 2017, the President & CEO of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, Mr. Paul Alofs, announced that this organization had achieved a major milestone with the $1 Billion Dollar Challenge launched in the spring of 2012. Over $500 Million Dollars in philanthropy and $500 Million Dollars in grants has been raised - ahead of schedule!

To learn about the impact that these critical funds have had over the last five years, you can visit this microsite. You might also enjoy watching this short video featuring key highlights of the work that has taken place during this period of time.

There are over seventy full time colleagues I work with at the foundation and over 1200 dedicated researchers working hard every day. Each and every one of them has played a role in this unprecedented campaign.

More impressive is the fact that roughly 1 Million people made gifts and donations towards this campaign over a five year period!

So on behalf of my colleagues at the foundation, in support of the doctors and researchers that are working every day to #conquercancer and provide leading care and treatment to the over 18,000 patients seen every year at Princess Margaret - Thanks a Billion for your support!