Five Ways to Show Your Employees Appreciation

2018-02-27  |  Recognition |  Posted by: Jessica Lopatka

Employee morale is key to running a great business. When people are passionate about their work and look forward to challenges, they become more invested in the overall success of the organization. Here at The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, we’re not short on passion and it shows in the incredible work we do supporting the Cancer Centre.

To help celebrate Employee Appreciation Day on March 2nd, here are some tips you can use to recognize your staff:

  1. Award Milestones

Big tasks or small, everyone is working towards something important, and acknowledging their hard work and the steps they’ve taken can go a long way. Common ways to award milestones are mentioning employees in weekly update emails, or giving them a physical token of appreciation such as magnets or badges for their work area.

  1. Employee of the Month


This concept is so common that it’s become a point of satire in the film industry, but, none the less, it works. You don’t have to call it “employee of the month.” You can create a part of your website, your intranet, or your newsletters that simply has a “member spotlight.” Allow the opportunity for everyone, regardless of seniority or role, to be featured. You can highlight their work ethic, their contributions, positive attitude, helpful nature or anything else that celebrates them as a key member of the team.
  1. Team Lunch

Whether it’s a Friday afternoon potluck or a team outing, people will bond over food. Spending time together without the stress of everyday tasks helps your team get to know each other better, become more comfortable in their work environment, and adds a little fun to the day. Taking turns letting employees choose a restaurant will also allow people to share their own personal taste with their coworkers or maybe even try something new.

  1. Birthday Holidays

Not everyone’s birthday wish is to sit through meetings and reply to emails. For one day out of the year, it’s nice to give employees the opportunity to relax and spend time with friends and family. Having a birthday holiday gives employees a chance to unwind from their hectic schedules and reminds them that you care about their work-life balance.

  1. Employee Recognition Event

This idea encompasses both the awarding milestones and employee of the month concepts, but incorporates them into an event. Recognizing people in a relaxed, fun environment such as a summer BBQ or year-end party allows employees to gather together and celebrate each other in a supportive environment. While you’re at it, why not include some activities to keep everyone entertained throughout the day.

All employees add value to your cause whatever it may be, so incorporate some of these ideas or create your own to show them your appreciation.