​A Thank You to Thomas and Amy Fung!

2017-02-27  |  Recognition |  Posted by: Paul Alofs

Peter & Nancy Chieng, Sheila & Paul Alofs, Amy & Thomas Fung

Sheila Alofs and I were delighted to be invited to dine in the beautiful home of Fairchild Group founder Thomas Fung in Vancouver.

Thomas and his wife, Amy, also invited their friends Peter and Nancy Chieng to join us.

During a wonderful dinner we discussed the breakthrough work of Dr. Tak Mak and his team in the emerging field of immunotherapy.

Sheila and I were happy to catch up with Thomas and Amy after meeting them at the Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant, an event which Princess Margaret was honored to be chosen as the philanthropic partner for 2016.

A warm thank you to Thomas and Amy Fung for hosting us in Vancouver!

Shown in the photo above, from left to right: Peter Chieng, Nancy Chieng, Sheila Alofs, Paul Alofs, Amy Fung and Thomas Fung.