February 4th, World Cancer Day - #BaldIsBold

2016-02-03  |  Events |  Posted by: Nick Taylor

In 2015, the first ever #NoHairSelfie fundraising campaign was launched by The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation as a fun and inclusive virtual event to raise important funds for cancer research. 

The first year event raised over $1.8 Million dollars and engaged thousands of people who downloaded the app, did "virtual" or "actual" head shaves and created conversations across Canada. No surprise then that the program won a prestigious marketing award! The Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals (CAMP)’s Marketer of the Year Award in the Non-Profit Category.

Tomorrow marks #WorldCancerDay 2016 and the 2nd annual #NoHairSelfie event kicks off with a press event and live shave of some key fundraisers who have individually raised over $200,000.00 in some cases. WOW!

Later in the day, I have the opportunity to step up on stage at Steamwhistle Brewery and get my head shaved for the second time in support of this great event.  I will be joined by my good friend and hair stylist Doris (to whom I have instructed to bring just the #1 clippers for a very close shave!)  In the background we will both be supported by Doris' husband - who had his own battle with cancer a number of years ago, and two mutual friends who sadly lost their uncle recently - not to the cancer he was treated successfully for at Princess Margaret, but to complications from an unrelated illness.  It is a friends and family kind of affair.

As a Director with The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, I work every day to advance our fundraising efforts through my managed event "Golf to Conquer Cancer" (presented by Harry Rosen Inc.), as well as the incredible Princess Margaret Lottery programs. Still I try to participate in as many other events as I can so that I can be more personally involved in this mission to conquer cancer in our lifetime.

I walk in OneWalk, mix it up playing Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer, I have done the 8km Harry's Spring Run Off, and now I am shaving my head.  Believe it or not... walking is the toughest event!

I work at the foundation, and join these events to play some small role in conquering cancer by raising important funds to support the work of some pretty amazing doctors and researchers at one of the Top 5 cancer research centres in the world. I have lost friends and family to cancer - haven't we all... So participating and raising funds is very important to me.  But I can't do any of that without support from my network, from my various business, social and sport communities. 

If you are reading this, and have been looking for a way to get involved yourself, maybe joining the #NoHairSelfie movement (event at this late hour) is an easy way to start...

Visit www.nohairselfie.com and consider signing up to do a "virtual" or "actual" shave.  If you do that - then you can #ShaveShare&Donate.

If you prefer to support someone else through their campaign - perhaps you would consider donating to my fundraising efforts.  Every dollar counts! 

I'd appreciate your support!