Before and After - #NoHairSelfie

08/02/2016  |  Faces of The Princess Margaret |  Posted by: Paul Alofs



February 4th was World Cancer Day and the global launch of #NoHairSelfie.  We had an army of courageous supporters who all had their own story as to why they would shave their head to help fund life-saving cancer research at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.  You need to engage your courage and your passion to step forward and shave your head.  These photos show the Before and After for me on February 4th.  There was an incredible spirit from all the hairticipants in this, the second year of this movement.  Thanks to the UICC and others we truly began to make this a global movement.  Next year we have big plans to truly make the NoHairSelfie movement the focal point of World Cancer Day fundraising activities.  To each and every person who actually or virtually shaved their head, a sincere thank you from all of us who are committed to help Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime.