Top 5 Blog posts of 2014

17/12/2014  |  Inside The PMCF |  Posted by: Malinda DenBok

As 2014 wraps up, let’s see what blog posts you clicked on…
I think these posts really give a fulsome view of the year. From major announcements, to remembering loved ones, to meeting the brilliant people your funds support… The nature of working at a cancer foundation is that there are a lot of highs and lows. But I think these posts serve as a great reminder of why we are all working hard together to conquer cancer in our lifetime.
Remembering Darren Bishop
“We were there, along with hundreds of other people, to attend a Celebration of Life for Darren Bishop, a Princess Margaret patient and a member of our Ride to Conquer Cancer team who died at age 29.”
Meet Dr. Livergant
Meet Dr. Livergant who is the Chief Resident of Radiation Oncology. He is the administrator and representative for all of the phenomenal residents who are training to be experts in treating cancer with radiation.
Funding Myths Busted
“I want to paint a picture for you so you can see why your donations are so important. I’m going to share with you common misconceptions and let you know the truth.”
A Golden Day of Transformation
“Gold is both beautiful and very valuable.  But, once again, I am reminded that the most valuable treasure that we have is the passionate support of our donors and leaders who support our cause.”
Honouring a Loved One
“One of the ways to give at the foundation is through making a donation in memory of a loved one. By doing this you honour a loved one but also give us a glimpse into the life of this beloved person.”