Healing Beyond the Body volunteers making their mark at The Princess Margaret

2018-04-19  |  Events |  Posted by: Melissa Wu

Today, we are coming to understand that one’s well-being is two-fold: maintaining a good balance between physical and mental health. At the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, we have our capable doctors who understand the body as a physical whole and research tirelessly to find better treatments and solutions. But did you know we have a Palliative Care division that addresses a patient’s mental health? 

Healing Beyond the Body (HBB) is a program created by the Palliative Care division to help patients address any emotional, mental, or social distress during this difficult time in their lives.

During the HBB Volunteer Appreciation event, Michael Burns, President & CEO of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, and Charlena Gaulin, VP, Brokerage Credit and Client Relations of CIBC, gave remarks and expressed how grateful they are to have such a valuable team working at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and how they are an essential part of a patient’s cancer journey. 

Marcia Zalev, a model volunteer, spoke at the appreciation lunch and expressed why she devotes her time to HBB.

“Being a volunteer for Healing Beyond the Body is about listening, not listening for yourself, but listening to the other person. [And] that kind of act of listening makes people feel heard, it makes them feel seen, it makes them feel that they matter and that people care.”

Dennis Norton, a Director at CIBC, shares why their company continues to support vital programs, like HBB, at The Princess Margaret.

“It’s about helping the patients in terms of their well-being beyond the medical support. Because it’s so important that we take care of people’s emotions, how they’re feeling, their worries, their concerns, having somebody to talk to, as well as the medical support that they’re receiving," he says.

As National Volunteer Week comes to an end, we will continue to celebrate and appreciate the hard work, dedication, and passion our Cancer Centre volunteers provide to patients on a daily basis.