Robotic Surgery: The New Standard

2017-04-19  |  Inside The PMCF |  Posted by: Paul Alofs

Disruption and new technologies are part of daily life in every sector.  It’s the same in healthcare.  Robotic surgery for prostate and other cancers has become standard of care over the last decade. 

I am standing with Dr. Tony Finelli who is one of the great robotic surgeons and innovators in Canada and globally. 

The benefits of the robotic platform are many but the capital costs as well as the per-patient costs are not covered in our publicly funded healthcare system. 

We are grateful to the donors who have supported our leadership in robotic surgery over the last 10 years and to the surgeons like Dr. Finelli who are training the next generation of surgeons in this new technique. 

Bringing disruptive technology into our publicly funded healthcare system is an urgent need and takes great passion from both our surgeons as well as our donor community. 

We are grateful to Dr. Finelli and our other surgeons who lead the way, thanks to the generosity of our passionate donors.