Dreaming of Your Own “Tour de France”

Like everyone who owns a bike, I have been watching that July tradition known as the Tour de France. Spectacular athletes climbing and racing through incredible countryside.  The Princess Margaret Ride to Conquer Cancer is my own Tour de France.  

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It’s Personal – Who Are You Walking For

Cancer is a disease that changes lives, both of those diagnosed as well as family members, co-workers and friends of those who are diagnosed.  When we raise money and show support for those diagnosed with cancer, we almost always (ALWAYS) have a person or a group of people who we know in mind.  We are embarking on the all new Shoppers Drug Mart OneWalk to Conquer Cancer. 

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Who is Your Why

The photo here is of the amazing Carley Allison after she sang the national anthem at our Road Hockey to  Conquer Cancer event last year.  It was incredibly moving and powerful as Carley struggled with a rare and dangerous sarcoma in her throat.  Sadly, Carley passed away in March in the palliative care centre at the Princess Margaret.

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In My Lifetime

I began my career with The Princess Margaret 20 years ago in August of 1994. There have been many highlights and exciting times at the Foundation through the past 20 years - too many to even recount.  It sometimes seems like I’ve been here a lifetime, and yet, somehow, it seems just like yesterday. 

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