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This fight to end cancer is real

Read the second blog post from Paige on her journey as she trains to be in the Fight To End Cancer... "Week two was filled with some sad and shocking cancer related news."

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The Dove is a symbol of Hope, Courage, and Peace

Today we celebrated the 14th Annual Doves of Hope Dedication ceremony at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.  We have over 9,000 paper doves which are strung together and hung throughout our five-story atrium.  Each and every Dove represents an individual story of someone dealing with cancer.  

Posted by: Paul Alofs     Ceremony, Doves, Hope, of

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2014 Gerald Kirsh Humanitarian Awards

It is that support staff that our patients have a chance to thank and recognize annually at The Gerald Kirsh Humanitarian Awards.  Patients and families can nominate a staff member who gave them that little bit of energy to see another day, or on days when darkness was winning, their encouraging words of hope helped them to go on.

Posted by: Genane Peniak     Awards, Gerald, Humanitarian, Kirsh

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Biotech and ASH 2014

The American Society of Hematology Conference (ASH 2014) begins today in San Francisco.  This conference features many of the top new drug discoveries that will change cancer care.  AGIOS is one of the presenting companies.  

Posted by: Paul Alofs     ASH, Biotech

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