Faces of The Princess Margaret

Meet Leah!

As we continue with Volunteer Week, we meet Leah who is a Healing Beyond the Body volunteer. She wanted to give back after her mom was treated here and she spends time with families and caregivers as they wait for their appointments. She even plans on pursuing a career in cancer research!

Posted by: Leah     Leah

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Meet Dhara Moddel

It is National Volunteer Week so we wanted to talk to Dhara who is the Program Lead for the Healing Beyond the Body volunteer program. Find out more about her role and why she loves it!

Posted by: Dhara Moddel     Dhara, Moddel

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Meet Sarah Wood

For National Social Work Month we are delighted to meet Sarah Wood. Learn about the 4 C's she teaches children about cancer and why Personalized Cancer Medicine has a special place in her heart.

Posted by: Sarah Wood     Sarah, Wood

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Meet Dr. Jonathan Livergant

Meet Dr. Livergant who is the Chief Resident of Radiation Oncology. He is the administrator and representative for all of the phenomenal residents who are training to be experts in treating cancer with radiation.

Posted by: Dr. Jonathan Livergant     Jonathan, Livergant

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Meet Asanda Cheung

Meet Asanda, the direct assistant of Dr. Lillian Siu. Find out about her many roles shes played in the cancer centre and her articulate explanation of what Personalized Cancer Medicine means.

Posted by: Asanda Cheung     Asanda, Cheung

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