The Jacquie Mummery Memorial Ride

01 May 2020

The Jacquie Mummery Memorial Ride

Two years ago we sadly said goodbye to a beautiful person, who unfortunately lost her battle to Pancreatic Cancer.  Her battle was unfortunately cut short, perhaps we can make a difference by supporting Pancreatic Cancer research and care. Pancreatic Cancer is one of the most deadly and most underfunded types of cancer out there. 

I would like to start an annual tradition, The Jacquie Mummery Memorial Ride starting May 1 to August 31st of each year. I would like to dedicated all my cycling rides for 2020  to the memory of Jacquie. This year I will endeavor to ride 1,600 KM’s with my final ride to be 160Km’s . Please help me raise money for the Wallace McCain Pancreatic Centre. My goal is $10,000, If  anyone else would like to join in the efforts to raise money by riding please let me know, all of us  together can make a difference! Let’s get our feisty on for Jacquie.
Thank You,