Ovarian Cancer Day - Awareness Campaign

01 April 2019

Ovarian Cancer Day - Awareness Campaign

Ovarian Cancer is the 5th most common cancer in women and is the most fatal women’s cancer.  Five-year survival rates range from 30%-45%. Mostly because there is no way to screen it and once women usually find out they have it, they’re already at a later stage. 


For the month of April (leading up to Ovarian Cancer Day on May 8), For Always Flower Co. will be running a Campaign called “Protect Your Petunias ... with roses”.  


It’s a campaign all about women; to raise awareness about this “silent creeper”. So that maybe one day, we’ll have some way to screen for it; in turn, increasing survival rates. 


10% of every box sold from April 1-May 8 will be donated to the Princess Margaret Foundation in support of Ovarian Cancer research. 

Support this great initiative to benefit The Princess Margaret!

For more information please visit www.foralwaysflowercompany.ca