Vision, Mission & Strategy

Scientists in Lab Coats Working

Our Vision

Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime.

Our Mission

We enable Future Care Now by raising funds that accelerate cancer research, education and clinical care benefiting patients at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, across Canada, and around the world.

Our Values

  • Courage to Serve
  • Courage to Grow
  • Courage to Disrupt

Our Strategy

Organizational Goals
  1. Build Canada’s most respected charitable foundation where people want to give, work and volunteer
  2. Strengthen the impact of donor funds in the fight against cancer at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and beyond
  3. Develop and launch a the largest fundraising campaign in our history to enable Future Care Now 
 Four Areas of Focus to Achieve our Goals
We have identified four areas of focus within our strategy which we believe will support the delivery of our organizational goals:
  1. Deliver will operational efficiency through disciplined commitment to optimize the use of our resources in our fundraising efforts
  2. Expand and lead within the GTA and beyond by refining our purpose, and clarifying a new case for support that will accelerate donor impact in the fight against cancer
  3. Grow diversified programs through organic growth of existing programs and innovation of new ideas that will help us raise more money than ever before
  4. Drive unparalleled impact by ensuring our fundraising projects are having the greatest impact on helping achieve our mission and vision
 Foundational Capabilities
Underpinning the strategy is our belief in the need to bolster organizational capabilities which strengthen the entire operation across four areas: 
  1. Management systems and processes
  2. People and culture
  3. Foundation governance and volunteer leadership
  4. Technology and data

Through disciplined focus of this plan from 2019-2025, we believe we can accelerate our mission to enable Future Care Now.